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15 years transit

15 Years in Transit is a multimedia introduction to contemporary architecture. The works were chosen from architecture of the past decade and a half. The medium allows the architects to be introduced together with their buildings, which, however, does not mean that they talk about the buildings we see. Rather they talk about how they are feeling in the world today - in their surroundings, at work, the city, the country, and of course now that we're beyond 15 years of transitory waiting the question, how one feels within the European Union, can also be asked.

A very good relationship has developed between Germany and Hungary over the past twenty years. A perfect manifestation of this was the success of the architect György Vadász and his colleagues at the Hungarian pavilion of the EXPO 2000 in Hannover. We, who are members of this profession, were especially joyful. The building, shaped like two protective hands and thus giving the impression of two huge statues, clearly represented Hungary's diversity and role within the region, while at the same time creating an architectural and technical marvel amidst the row of pavilions.

The buildings we introduce here demonstrate that the successful satisfaction of function is both possible and necessary, but is not in itself enough to create architecture. They also emphasize the thesis according to which there is nothing new without the old, something not all architects are willing to acknowledge. The world around us is infinitely diverse and multi-colored, and every single new structure heightens this state, which we often experience as chaos. How a new situation and space is created is very important. If we are able to handle and experience this variety well, then on the one hand an infinite number of its components will be of better use to all of us in this material reality. On the other hand they are able to form a valuable overall picture in our minds, for the "overall picture" is always compiled in our mind, amidst our thoughts, with the aid of external resources. Electronic processing, like the video, is an important new tool.

Women workgroup of Architect Chamber Baden-Württemberg

Video installation on Hungarian architecture

Opening: 06.17.2004, 19.30
Architektenforum, Freiburg
Guntramstrasse 15, D-79106, Deutschland.

Open: from 17 June to 3 July,
monday to friday: 10 am to 5 pm.

Curator: Ágnes Koncz (Freiburg) and Mihály Vargha.



- Országos Lakás- és Építésügyi Hivatal
- Magyar Építész Kamara
- "Az építés fejlődéséért" Alapítvány
- Építészet Háza Alapítvány
- Korzó 2000 Alapítvány

Budapesti Építész Kamara

Municipality of Budapest City

SERVEX GmbH Siegen

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