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Bence Vadász (1964)


...I've been in the profession for fifteen years and I have a feeling that I've developed an instinct for certain aspects. I feel and like this free world, it provides opportunities for very exciting things. Before, when the state ordered buildings, they would dictate the conditions. Well, clients still dictate, but this time it's money and the marketing group who tell you how far you can go. The same obstacles still exist, only this time they're somewhere else, the emphasis is a little different.

...Generally speaking I don't have a bad opinion about limited conditions, sometimes it's much more difficult to plan a building between two existing ones but it's more exciting than planning a freestanding building. Because you have to adapt to many things. But when you plan a façade of a certain material, and you have to forget that for financial reasons, or you have to use laminated floor where you know full well that in two years' time it's going to come up and they're going to have to throw it out, it' a bad feeling and I try my best to fight things like that.

...Officially I'm the head of the office and I feel that I get just as many assignments as my father does, which feels good, because it's not like the little boy inherited the kingdom, but there is also an achievement behind that. When we work side by side there is no friction whatsoever, it's absolute harmony. We live in the same street now in Szentendre, by the way, and in the evenings we often ring each other up with a bottle of wine.

...I have two children: Márk, eleven, and Bori, seven. Márk is going to high school soon, which is crazy, and Bori is just starting school. They're completely different and really sweet. Márk is a serious, contemplative, honorable, cute kid, while Bori is a creative and lively little creature. I love them a lot.



Heléna House
Budapest VI., Káldy Gyula utca

The location: a narrow street in the downtown section of the city, with a special ambiance, where the work of the architect Vilmos Freund once stood. The spirit of the place and the one-time well-crafted upper middle class architecture's field of force bound the architect to create a work of high value; not merely one which functions well, but which at the same time is an architectural center of gravity within the streetscape. It is part of an unbroken row of houses situated between a historic building to the right, and the soon to be finished "Remington-House" on the left. The basement and ground floor area are 100% enclosed, while the rest of the building from the first floor up to the seventh, takes the shape of an "L". A roof garden has been created in the open space. The top pitched roof is combined with terraces shaped by the main mass of the house. The façade is constructed in a diagonal system, creating visual dynamics with its rims, balconies and roofpiece and adapting to the neighbouring buildings. The portal motif on the ground floor and the entablature above the main entrance quote the Freund House as a memorial gesture.



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