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Katalin Csillag
Zsolt Gunther


Katalin Csillag:
...I'm beyond the compulsion I had in the beginning to perform, both on a personal and a professional level. I have three beautiful daughters. The eldest is ten and the two youngest are seven and a half, they're twins. When my first child was born for a year I concentrated completely on her, and only then did I begin to reconnect with architecture. Aside of raising my daughter I didn't really deal with competitions, not even smaller family homes, I didn't miss that. But after a year I had had enough of nappies and all that, it's a great thing, but I wanted to do something else, too. I have a great husband, he helps a lot. We do everything together, architecture and the kids. Of course there are some areas where I do more than he does, he doesn't cook as often as I do, but that's only natural.
Working or staying abroad is very good for everyone, it makes you open. This is usually the very reason to leave for a while: the intention to get to know parts of the world one hasn't seen before.

Zsolt Gunther:
.Intellectual shallowness really drives me crazy. Ten years ago I didn't notice it as much, I didn't see these obstacles, and the obstacles then were different than they are today. Back then the obstacles were that there weren't enough projects and that the building industry wasn't where it should be. Some of us are finally beginning to stand upright, to dare to think a little, to dare to make things that don't necessarily conform to public taste. We are a little provocative, but that is something that should gain wider ground for one to feel better, culturally speaking.

...We realized that something was not right, that we need to start searching at the roots. I think that by doing so we took an extra task upon ourselves, and now we're concentrating on the western region of Hungary, and a little on Burgenland. In Austria too, we'd like to do joint projects where we'd be able to communicate our thoughts on architecture to the public on several levels.

...We tried getting involved in projects where small scale was of value. There are great opportunities in small things. And if the client feels that quality is important within the 200-500 square meters, then that's what he gets. In this respect working on big projects is more of a dead end. Financially speaking it might be more worth it, and from a planning perspective, but it is much less reflective. It's very important for self-reflection to find a place in architecture, for every architect to think about what it is they want to express.



AHM Forum building, Győr, on the property of Audi Hungaria Motor Ltd.

As we approach the premises of the Audi factory, a distant red spot attracts our attention. The object-like pavilion stands in the park in front of the main building, beckoning and enticing the visitor with its color. The building is named Forum, which aptly summarizes the intention of the client. The possibility for various forms of coming together is inherent: the building's multifunctional plan is suited to host conferences, exhibitions, press shows, theatrical productions, and even concerts. Three doors lead to the main hall from the foyer demonstrating the possibility of dividing the space into three separate areas. The sliding panels that serve this purpose are hidden within the main hall's double walls, just as the electric and mechanical systems and the remote controlled curtains which provide complete darkness. Mobility and movement were the motivating forces behind the building's design. Acceleration and slowing down are compositional elements of the building, appearing both in the interior and on the exterior. The ramp-like masses meet at a horizontal deck. One of the ramps is also suited for cars to drive up on it in case of a demonstration.



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