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György Csete (1937)


...I'm entirely happy here. This is one of the oldest holy and memorial places of the nation. It has been held in evidence ever since the Conquest of 896, but no one really knew why. As a matter of fact, when Chief Árpád rode with his chieftains along the Tisza River all the way down here, even he knew it was a sacred place. The fact that I was able to live here for the five months that these buildings were being built was happiness itself, I was entirely happy, I couldn't wish for anything better.

...I'm a lone wolf, or rather warrior, one who does not forgive, not even himself, and who has to be in the front line. That's what my name means, too. My name, as far as I know, is a thousand or two-thousand year old name, a family name that expresses what that person's job is. In other words, being a "csete" in battle meant you had to be in the front lines. If this is the name you wear on your back then you have to try to be true to it. Your name binds you not to settle for less. To be the first, as best you can. I respect the other firsts too, I respect architectural achievements and the achievements of others, but of course those were created in relation to their own best abilities, not in relation to me. That's what I mean by respecting them.

...I have two sons, who are naturally outstanding, beautiful and strong, and I hold them in high esteem. I wish I had more than two, four, or twenty-four. It turned out that what I achieved doesn't really make a difference, I could have supported a lot more children and raised them decently.



Ópusztaszer - National Historical Memorial Park: Church of Forests, House and Home of Hungarians of the World, Redwood House

"First, as a symbolic act the church of the forests, the Green Church was built of sweet-scented larch. Sizeable stumps from a weeping willow serve as its altars, both on the inside and outside. (...)
To the right and left of the church's axis we find the arc of five domes on either side. Beneath them is the Forest Museum's exhibit on the history of the forest, the interdependency of man and wood, the forest's living organisms, and many other aspects of the theme arranged on single and double levels, connected by covered bridges. At the top of the domes, which let the light in, leaves tinkle in the wind, while further off we see poplars and willows on the flood plains of the Tisza River. (...)
Shelter made of bent material is an architectural archetype, which symbolises erosion, a basic law of nature, as well as pentatonality; it is a pyramid form and a musical form at the same time, the basic formula of organic architecture. The oldest known depiction of such a form was found on a 6,000-year-old stamp-cylinder from Mesopotamia. It is the origin of almost all objects made by nations of horsemen: the wheel, the cart, horse-back riding, the bow, and shelter."



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