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László Földes (1959)


László Pethő (1970)

László Földes:
...I think the opportunities create much bigger perspective than we had before. You can do your private business without being under the pressure of the state bureaucracy, this is very nice. On the other hand there are many other challenges. This new capitalism is often very cruel, sometimes stupid, and that makes things difficult, you always have to manage with that.
...My aim is not to go to another place and enjoy an easier, nicer life. My ambition is to make life better here, in this country. I think all the citizens and we architects as well have a duty. And our duty is to make life better, more normal, less bureaucratic, of higher quality and so on and so on. If I have an architectural job and I do it according to my best, maybe better than on an average level, than I am very satisfied. I did something. And I think all the people in Hungary should do this 'something' in their field.
...I would like to have an intellectually and existentially strong office that does not depend completely on clients. Where I can almost choose among works, not because I am choosy but because if you are in a position like that you can go for architectural quality.
...The other aim I have is to have a good family, harmonious, friendly, happy. These things are sometimes against each other.

László Pethő:
...Actually I'm fine. But to tell you the truth, Hungary joining the EU isn't really perceptible just yet. We're too busy with our day to day problems. We work a lot and have very little time. I have no idea when we'll be able to move forward from this point of stagnancy, when people can begin to relax a little. There's a general feeling of restlessness and nervous tension. I, for example, have a bad tooth but haven't had the chance to see a dentist for months. That worries me.

...Ideally, I'd like for people to look us up because they have a certain view of the world, which incorporates many things, from architecture to literature, everything, and somehow we fit into this picture. And if their picture and the picture we have to offer somehow fit together, then the situation is ripe for cooperation, which of course can still tip over at any time, but I'd like to be considered because of the quality of the work we do, not based on how many people work for me or how much money I make.

...I don't have my own family yet, but there are lots of children in my larger family, which is great. But I am planning on having a family. First the dentist, then a family.



WET Research and Development Center

The building has three floors and is divided into three clearly defined horizontal wings. The wing nearest to the main road houses office spaces on three floors. The central wing is a covered atrium, and forms the core traffic zone of the building. The service areas are located in the third wing (conference rooms, kitchens, photocopier, changing room and showers, cafeteria, service spaces etc.). The office wing and the service wing are connected by bridges running through the atrium. These bridges, along with stairs and other hallways, render the covered atrium attractive and break up the space. The large atrium also serves as a secondary light source for the office wing. An energy-saving design was important to the client, so the building makes use of the possibilities of its position. The southern façade of the office wing is separated from its environment with an active climate wall. A double-glazed glass wall lowers heating requirements by 40-60% under average weather conditions and, to a lesser degree, reduces the necessity of air conditioning. It also serves as a sound barrier between the offices and the heavy traffic of the main road.



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