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Barbara Szöllőssy (1977)
Zsolt Pyka (1970)

Zsolt Pyka:
...I feel a bit strange. On one hand I feel great, because the future always excited me. When I was little I watched Star Wars and I thought that by the year 2000 there would be flying cars, like in the movie. Well, there aren't any flying cars and as you get older you realize that there won't be any, not because it's technologically impossible, but because the market is controlled artificially. That's why I feel strange, because the world isn't about creating a better future for people, it's about a couple of people getting richer and richer from the work of others, and they control the market.

...The statues on Móricz Zsigmond Square are on our names, Barbara Szöllőssy and Zsolt Pyka, they're our property, and it looks as if we had built a house in the middle of the square. We wanted to hand it over somehow to the city, which is an incredibly bureaucratic process with tons of paperwork.

...It's completely independent of where you are. This is how the world works. That's why I said I feel strange, because on one hand I learnt something really great, I like it, and I could do things that would make life better for people, but on the other side there is this obstacle. It was really strange to get an insight into who does favours for whom, and how people act out their request for a favour, and what they offer in exchange. These things are very intertwined.

Public Square Stones Street Furniture
Móricz Zsigmond körtér, Budapest

The young designers won international acclaim by getting second prize from Gaz de France on the international design competition of the French gas company. This inspired the designers to find a place and a way to carry out their plan: street furniture shaped like pebbles emanating an aura of community spirit. The partial transformation and renewal of the Móricz Zsigmond Square on the Buda side of the city, in connection with the development of the new metro line, proved to be an ideal opportunity in realizing the winning "community objects". The pieces of street furniture, unwrapped from a natural pebble shape, are organic and modern at the same time. Functionally, they serve as an unusual meeting point, defining a place to wait and rest on the square. The heated street furniture could prove to be important aids in the community demand for multifunctionalism. The furniture resembles overgrown pebbles from the Danube. They are made of natural stone and are hollow inside.




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